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Barbara Swiatkiwsky

Business mentoring for home based massage therapists

If you don't have enough clients and you're feeling STUCK, overwhelmed and frustrated... GOOD NEWS, Barb can help!
Super supportive, knowledgeable, motivating and experienced, Barb can help you make your home based business the business you want that fits your lifestyle and needs.


Association of Massage Therapists

I'm often asked which Association is the best.  For my needs, that's AMT.  I love that they are focused solely on massage and not a million other modalities.  The work they do behind the scenes is second to none and the staff are always polite, efficient and helpful.

Fiona Wallis

Fair Path HR services

Fair Path provides customised HR solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to meet their HR needs in a timely, compliant and cost effective way. 
Fiona has extensive experience working with the Allied Health environment, has a great knowledge of our Federal Award and understands the unique requirements of the massage industry.
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