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All  my webinars are conducted online via the "zoom" platform.  Recordings of the webinars can be purchased but I've found its way more beneficial to you if you can join in a "live" session and have the opportunity to ask questions.

If possible, I am happy to schedule sessions on request.  If there is a webinar that you are interested in that isn't running soon, shoot me an email with your details, along with a couple of times and dates that may suit and I will try to set it up.

I look forward to meeting you online soon.

To request a session, 

Compliance essentials for mobile contractors.
report writing event.png

This super sized webinar is a combination of several of our most popular webinars.

Covers everything you need to know if you are working as a contractor in the mobile massage arena.

Topics covered include : Understanding your obligations as a contractor, before you start, Complying with the National Code, Policies and Procedures for mobile operations, Keeping client reports - what is required?, meeting the compliance challenges in a mobile environment, Health Funds and some tricks of the trades.

Webinar takes approx 2 hrs and provides you with templates to assist you to write all your own polices and procedures 

Compliance for home based therapists

In this webinar we review the National Code relevant to your state and the associated compliance requirements for your practice.

We also look at industry best practice and Health Fund Requirements and advise on the Policies and Procedures you should have in your practice to ensure all your compliance requirements are met.

New 2020 version

New 2020 version

  Report Writing - Paper reports   

By far our most popular webinar.

This webinar is designed to refresh everything you learnt back in College and looks at the current standards in the training package.

Refresh the information that is required for a report under the National Code, Association requirements and to make sure you are meeting your obligations to the health funds if you have provider status.

Understanding Medications

As our clients age they often live with many chronic health conditions that require ongoing medications.


This webinar looks at common side effects and contraindications associated with common OTC and prescription medications in Australia, and how you may need to adapt your massage service for clients affected.


Best done as a live webinar but recordings may be purchased on request.

Fibromyalgia and Spondyilitis - Chronic pain conditions

Looks at two common chronic pain conditions - Fibromyalgia and Spondylitis.

We look at current research, diagnosis methods, pathologies and industry best practice treatment protocols for these two default diagnoses. 

Starting out in corporate massage

Understand the different types of Corporate Massage Services that you can offer.  Learn how to tailor your offer to suit the client's needs, the legal requirements you must keep in mind and some useful tips for those starting out.

Best done as a live webinar but recordings may be purchased on request.

Fiction vs Fact

Do you still tell clients to drink water to help flush out the "toxins" after a massage?  Recommend static stretches? Not sure if a breastfeeding mum can feed straight after a massage?  Heard Hemp oil is legal in Australia and looking to get some?  Think it's OK for a massage therapists to recommend magnesium?

This webinar will look at some of the history behind these myths and rumours and point you in the direction of research and articles that debunk most of these myths.



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