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When you want to relax......

Relaxation / therapeutic services

1/2 hr $50

1 hr $85

Never underestimate the power of a great relaxation massage.

Massage doesn't have to hurt to be beneficial and sometimes a therapeutic relaxation massage is just what you need to refresh and refocus.

Relaxation session may either be 1/2 hour or 1 hour and may cover areas like neck/shoulders/back/arms/ legs and feet but you choose what areas you want worked on.

You are generally asked to disrobe to your level of comfort (underwear remains on) and lie on the treatment table.  You are draped appropriately at all times and only the area being worked on is exposed.

Generally oil is used to allow for long, sweeping strokes but if you don't want oil, or choose not to disrobe, alternative techniques can be used.

If mobility is an issue, you can be treated wherever you are comfortable - on the treatment table, in a chair or even in a wheelchair.